Himalaya Nefrotec DS

Nefrotec DS herbal medicine is an effective treatment of urinary tract infections, bladder stones, kidney stones, cystitis and non-specific irritations of the urethra.

Nefrotec DS has diuretic properties that flush out poisons and expel excess liquid from the body.

Himalaya Nefrotec DS urinary health supplement
Himalaya Nefrotec DS

This formula also acts as a urinary germicide, with sterile, antiseptic properties that counteract repetitive urinary tract infections in dogs and cats. Therefore Nefrotec DS can be used as co-therapy in kidney disease.

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Nefrotec DS Ingredients

Didymocarpus pedicellate, Saxifraga ligulate, Rubia cordifolia, Cyperus scariousus, Achyranthes, Onosma bracetetyun, Veronia cinerea

Key Ingredients:

The rhizome of Pasanabheda(Saxifraga Ligulata) contains the active principal, bergenin, which supports the body’s natural ability to maintain normal crystalloid and colloid balance. This is important for maintaining normal urine flow.

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